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Shana Meditating with Reiki in Sedona

Shana meditating with Reiki in Sedona

Happy New Year, Dear Ones!

Do you feel the call of the healer? If so, the world could certainly use more healers, peace-bringers and lightworkers; the world could benefit from YOU and your healing energy.

If you would like to develop yourself spiritually and intuitively in the New Year, I am teaching a one-day intensive first and second degree certified Usui Reiki I & II Combo Class.


DATE: Saturday, January 23rd

TIME: 9am to 3pm PST (San Francisco Time)

WHERE: In the comfort of your own home via Zoom

REGISTER: Contact Shana HERE for more information or to sign up!


This is what you will learn:

* Latest updated Reiki history and background.
* Nature and science of Reiki.
* The five Reiki Principles, Reiki Precepts & Ethics.
* Universal Life Force energy.
* Preparing for the First and Second Degree.
* Gassho meditation.
* Experiencing Reiki energy.
* Discussion of 21 day cleanse.
* Byosen scanning.
* Essence balancing scanning process.
* Giving a Reiki treatment with hand positions above and on the body.
* Practice self treatment hand positions.
* Pregnancy, infants, children, and seniors.
* Treating animals and plants.
* Reiki and hospice services.
* Chakras/Endocrine System and healing.
* Chakra balancing.
* What a Reiki lineage represents.
* Legal Responsibilities as a Reiki Practitioner.
* Establishing a Reiki practice and marketing.
* Client information form and fees.
* Using Reiki with other healing arts.
* Certificate of certification to Reiki Practitioner Level I & II.Discussion: First Degree review of hand positions, content and treatment experiences.

* Two Reiki attunement to level I & II.
* Three Reiki symbols and mantras for power, mental, emotional, and distance healing.
* Learn how to draw the symbols, write the names of the symbols, and give their purpose.
* Send distance Reiki for specific healing.
* Learn the “Hayashi Healing Guide” and “Japanese Reiki Techniques.”
* Learn the Gassho Meditation, Byosen Scanning, Kenyoku, and Koki-ho techniques.
* Learn the Jachi-Kiri-Joka-ho, Gyoshi-ho, and Enkaku Chiryo Reiki techniques.
* Experience the increased flow of the Reiki after your attunement.
* Learn the Reiki step by step formula for using the symbols in Reiki long distance.
* Practice sending absentia Reiki during the class. Learn the surrogates distant focusing.
* Learn how incorporate Reiki Level II into your daily life.
* Deepen your knowledge of Reiki from both a Western and Japanese perspective.

Contact Shana HERE for more information or to sign up.

New Year’s healing blessings in love and Reiki light!


“So wonderful and so much knowledge and insight to share! Having now finished Reiki I II & III with Shana, I can officially say my head has been spinning (in a terrific way!). I have never experienced learning that holds so many possibilities before. I look forward to learning more about teaching and intuition. Anyone interested in broadening their horizons with an unconditionally compassionate instructor should definitely contact Shana.” –Kimm Abercrombie, Oklahoma

Tibetan Prayer Flags in Sedona


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