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Personal Distance Reiki Therapy

Shana Dean’s international distance intuitive Reiki therapy sessions are designed specifically to facilitate your own unique healing, balancing and comfort. She uses Reiki blended with other advanced energy healing techniques during each of her treatments for your highest well-being and health. Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn what to expect during your distance Reiki session and for information on how to prepare for this at-home treatment.

Shana is a highly intuitive and sensitive healer, who works on balancing your chakras and meridians, identifying energy blocks and releasing them as well as sending specific energetic Reiki frequencies to injury or illness to promote healing. Reiki is a wonderful compliment to any traditional medical treatment and has a long history of curing many diverse ailments, imbalances and dis-ease. Please click HERE to learn more about Reiki.

You may find that Reiki offers a safe, nurturing space in which to work through emotional issues that slow down the healing process. Reiki works regardless of your belief system. You may desire Reiki treatments for relaxation, pain management, support of traditional medicine, and to help empower you through life’s challenges. Reiki has treated every known illness or injury including: cancer, heart disease, AIDS, asthma, burns, pain, skin problems, cuts, headaches, colds, addictions, acute pain, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, sprains, insomnia, infertility, seasonal and food allergies, heart disease, TMJ, post surgery recovery, anger, grief, insect bites, Lyme disease, emotional blocks and so much more.

It is recommended that you receive Reiki treatments regularly to prevent illness and to maintain your body’s natural bio-energetic rhythms. Reiki is an effective and nurturing therapeutic modality used to encourage more health, vitality, serenity and harmony in your life.

To read testimonials, click HERE and see what Shana’s clients and students are saying about her healing sessions and classes.

You are welcome to contact Shana any time to schedule your own Reiki session(s). She provides appointments that also include evening and weekend hours to easily accommodate your busy schedule. 

Soothing. Calming. Healing.

Soothing. Calming. Healing.

Distance Reiki Therapy Rates:

1 single distance Reiki therapy session: $125 USD

4 distance Reiki therapy package: $450 USD
($50 total savings)

Gift Certificates: Give the gift of health and balance to someone you care about. Gift certificates are available upon request.

Distance Healing Preparations:

In preparation for a Reiki session, it is wise to do to small cleanse. This is not a necessity, but it is a recommendation. In doing so, you may increase your receptivity to the Reiki healing and you may enhance your personal experience of the treatment itself.

On the day of the session (and even the night before if you choose) simply sustain from stimulants like sugar, caffeine, over eating, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. It is ideal to be physically grounded, and avoiding stimulants is an easy way to stabilize your energy. Again, you will receive the Reiki regardless, so there is no pressure one way or the other.

For the session itself, it is recommend that you find a comfortable location in your home where you can lay down completely undisturbed for an hour. You can light a candle if you wish or listen to gentle music. Create an environment of tranquility for yourself if possible.

When Shana works on your energetic body, she does so as if you are right with her on her Reiki table. When you lay down for your session, you can visualize yourself lying on her healing table as you receive the Reiki if you wish. This is not necessary, though. You will gain all the benefits of the treatment regardless.

During the treatment, it is common to drift in and out of a sleep-like state as your body processes the Reiki energy on a subconscious, multidimensional level. It is also common to feel your body twitch, feel your stomach rumble or to see colors of light or experience visions. Of course, none of this may happen, and it is also possible that you feel nothing but relaxation. This is completely normal too. The Reiki is working regardless of what you feel or believe. All you have to do is rest into the treatment and enjoy the quiet of the space you have created for yourself.

The session will start promptly at your scheduled time and will last for an hour. After the session, it is recommend that you take some quiet time for yourself if possible. See if you can remain in a peaceful, reflective state for a few hours afterwards. This could be a great time to meditate, go for a walk, journal or simply go about your day in a gentle fashion. It is also recommend you have a glass of water ready for yourself when the treatment ends, and be sure to drink lots of water for the remainder of the day.

Shana is always honored and grateful to support your healing journey and welcomes you to contact her whenever the time feels right for you to do so.

In love, support and healing blessings ♥

©Shana Dean 2009-2023

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