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Tree Magic of Sedona by

Tree Magic of Sedona

Welcome! To find Shana’s Blogroll, click HERE.

This blog is about compassionate service, natural healing, spiritual education, Reiki bodywork for humans and animals, health-giving foods, positive shifts, and energy light-work.

Shana Dean Worldwide Reiki Teachings is a high-level, consciously evolving full-service Reiki practice that encapsulates and flows with her intuitive, intrinsic, spiritual, artistic energy. Because of the nature of this fluid practice, please return often to learn of Shana’s most current specials on her personal Reiki treatments and inspiring new developments as well as the most up-to-date information on Reiki discoveries and advanced energy healing techniques. Or better yet, sign up to receive new blog posts by entering your email in the box at the upper right corner of this page.

You are invited to explore all the pages of this blog. Learn more in-depth information about Reiki and Animal Reiki, about Shana, her offerings, her international Distance Reiki treatments, Usui Reiki certification classes, about healthy foods, conscious living, wellness and so much more.

Shana Dean is located in beautiful Sonoma County, California, in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area.

Armstrong Woods in Sonoma County, CA

A Ring of Tree Magic at Armstrong Woods in Sonoma County, CA

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