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Breatharian Elitom El-Amin

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💞Living on Prana CLASS 1/5/2020 Uplevel Your Energy!💖


Happy New Year, Dear Ones!

I have a special and rare class offering for you that I’m very excited about. I am hosting a world renown breatharian teacher and qi gong master named Elitom El-Amin. He is passing through the Bay Area and will be stopping in Sebastopol just for this class! (Scroll to the bottom for class details.)

Renown expert in the field of Energy, featured in Supreme Master TV and FreedÔm Generation TV, Elitom El-Amin teaches since 2000, how to live in health and harmony through growing and mastering our energy flow.

This class is prefect if you’re wanting to increase your energy (prana, chi, and ki as in Reiki). This will greatly enhance your energywork, your self healing and your ability to heal others. It will also increase your human spiritual potential in manifesting, co-creating with Source, and living more abundantly in free flowing alignment with your Higher Self. If you’re interested in losing weight or eating in a way that supports your energywork and spiritual growth, there will be teachings on how to eat lighter/less while raising your health, energy levels and divine connectivity.

This is an active, experiential, hands-on class that will include the following:

-The Law of Energy

-Qi Gong techniques & practices for energy cultivation

-Different types of meditations designed to increase your prana and raise your vibration

-The Micro Cosmic Orbit meditation

-How to expand your aura

-Full body purification, physically & energetically

-Discussion on a pranic diet to raise your vibration and enhance your ability to channel energy

-Discussion on how to eat your way to food freedom, how to eat less or none at all, and how to thrive on other energy sources like the sun and nature and your own inner chi

-And more!

This class focuses on the breatharian lifestyle but it’s applications are far beyond this. These teachings, when applied, will significantly potentiate your Reiki and spiritual practice. This class is designed to uplevel you and your energy regardless if you choose to live food free or not.

CLASS: Living on Prana
DATE: Sunday, January 5, 2020
TIME: 10am to 5pm
WHERE: Sebastopol
COST: $75




Together we can raise the vibration of one another and the world with love and light!
Reiki blessings,


Comments on: "Living on Prana CLASS with Breatharian Teacher Elitom El-Amin" (4)

  1. I wish I could attend! This is fascinating!

  2. Marlene Felsenfeld said:


    Happy New Year!

    Want you to know that I used some Reiki on my neighbor who is in the hospital for a few days. He has stage 4 lung cancer, going through chemotherapy. He is hospitalized because he was painfully bloated. I spent a few minutes with him, and he said that the pain in his toes were gone. He showed me and his wife that he could now bend his toes. This motivates me to practice and study more. Thank you!

    We are still getting settled here. I have started going to the gym and will be joining a Tai Chi/ Qi Gong class. Will look into a healing arts class soon.

    Lots of aloha,



    • Thank you for sharing all of this with me Marlene. I’m so happy you were able to help him ease his pain and find more mobility. I’m definitely in support of you studying Reiki further and learning about Tai Chi and Qi Gong as well. I do teach classes online if you’re ever interested in a live webinar. Otherwise I hope you find the perfect teacher for you and your area. Many Reiki blessings to you!🌺

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